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A little slice of Brazil & Italy in Miami Beach

Aurora Boutique

An exclusive and unique boutique where you can shop as if you were in Brazil or Italy. The clothes fit everyone perfectly and the prices are extremely fair. No reason to wait to go to abroad to have a little taste of their style.


A place where you will come shopping and will not want to leave. But its not just because we have beautiful items, but because you feel that we care for you.

Brazilian mom

About us

I absolutely love this store! It has become my favorite boutique in Miami! The quality of the clothing is amazing and the pieces are very unique, everything fits incredibly and I always get compliments when I wear their pieces. The prices are very reasonable and the service is personalized, the owner is very special and attentive to everyone. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this place, I can't get enough of their clothes!! :)

Adriana Molina, client

Amazing store. If you want great quality, fair price and personalized customer service, you have to go there. If you can’t visit them, you can buy online and will have the same service. The owner personally exchanged messages with me, helping me figure out the sizes. She even tried on the clothes for me!! I can’t say enough about this boutique. I love it!!

Daiana Guimalhaes Client

The clothes are amazing. They are made with high quality fabrics and they fit very well.The services is very good. The owner gives me a personalized treatment every time I stop by. She does help me to choose outfits that make me look elegant, modern and confortable.I also shop online which is also a positive experience.I love to shop at Aurora's.

Andrea Holzmann Client

I love this shop! Fabiana, the owner, is very attentive and gives great advices during shopping. Here at Aurora Boutique I can buy clothes with unique style at unbeatable prices. During the quarantine I also took advantage of the online shop (she can also give suggestions about size, etc.through the chat), and beside this customized service, the delivery was super fast

Francesca Patregnani Client